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    At Anvil and Ivy we handcraft modern heirlooms, for lovers of meaningful design and everyday luxury. Made using the finest materials and specially selected gemstones, our contemporary jewellery keeps the natural world at its heart.

    Each Anvil and Ivy piece is lovingly crafted in our rural studio, set in the Essex countryside. Combining age old techniques with contemporary design. We create fine and demi-fine jewellery, with a focus on soft organic form and texture.

    Believing in slow consumption and considered purchases, we make jewellery that tells it’s own story alongside yours.

    Blog posts

    • September 27, 2022 Explore Lab Created Diamonds in Our New Everyday Diamonds Collection
      Explore Lab Created Diamonds in Our New Everyday Diamonds Collection

      Born from a desire to make diamonds more accessible and easy to wear, our made to order collection is organic and minimal in design, bringing a little understated luxe to your daily style. 

      We believe diamonds are far too beautiful to be reserved for engagement rings or special occasions which is why we have handcrafted stacking rings, pendants, stud earrings and hoops, all in 9ct gold. 

      Whilst we adore the rarity and uniqueness of natural diamonds, we are always trying to improve our sustainable and ethical practices which is why we chose to use only lab grown diamonds in this collection.


      Let’s explore the pros and cons of diamonds vs lab created diamonds...

      Natural Diamonds

      The traditional choice…


      • Every natural diamond is completely unique and one-of-a-kind
      • Diamonds are extremely durable
      • Natural diamonds have a sentimental value to people and are the traditional option
      • Diamonds are still an important source of income for many small scale miners in the Congo, switching entirely to lab grown alternatives could disfranchise these communities.



      • It’s difficult to trace with 100% certainty the origin of the diamond and the issues of conflict or blood diamonds are still very present
      • Even eco-friendly mines still create a significant carbon footprint and many of the practices used to mine diamonds have a negative environmental impact on the area



      Lab created diamonds

      Lab grown diamonds are created by using technology which replicates the earth’s natural diamond growing process which results in exactly the same physical and chemical properties as a natural diamond


      • Lab grown diamonds are given the same certification and grading as natural diamonds
      • They are identical in composition and hardiness to natural diamonds
      • You can be sure of the ethical and sustainable qualities of a lab grown diamond



      • Lab grown diamonds lose the one of a kind element that natural diamonds have as they are mass produced


      Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments! 








    • July 12, 2021 Explore Our Birthstone Stacking Rings...
      Explore Our Birthstone Stacking Rings...

      Introducing our new birthstone stacker rings! Handcrafted in our Maldon workshop, our birthstone rings have been designed to stack so they can be mixed with your other Anvil and Ivy favourites or worn as a standalone piece. 


      Created to celebrate you and those closest to you. Add a birthstone for each child, grandchild or close friend or gift them to celebrate a special occasion!


      Each birthstone has been claw set on a sterling silver, organic, molten band and each ring is individually crafted meaning no two are the same.


      Garnet (January) – Believed to give the wearer protection from nightmares, garnet is also a symbol of friendship, loyalty and good health

      Amethyst (February) – It’s said that beautiful amethyst increases intelligence as well as symbolising peace protection and tranquillity.

      Aquamarine (March) - Aquamarine is a symbol of youth and happiness and promotes the good health of the wearer

      White Sapphire (April) – The white sapphire birthstone is the ultimate symbol of wisdom and strength and spirit

      Emerald (May) – Regarded as a token of good fortune, emerald is also a symbol of fertility, rebirth and goodness

      Moonstone (June) – A symbol of love, passion and luck

      Ruby (July) – this beautiful, deep red gemstone is said to symbolise passion, success and good fortune

       Peridot (August) – Believed to provide protection to the wearer, peridot is thought to ward off evil spirits and protect from nightmares!

      Sapphire (September) – Sapphire represents truth, sincerity and loyalty of the heart

      Pink Tourmaline (October) – A symbol of balance and protection, tourmaline is believed to protect the wearer from misfortune

      Citrine (November) – Representing calm and peace, Citrine is believed to be a gift from the sun

      Tanzanite (December) – A symbol of wisdom and truth, tanzanite encourages the wearer in self reflection.

      Shop the Birthstone collection here

      Head over to the blog to find out the meaning behind each birthstone! 


    • June 23, 2021 Discover our new silver collections.....
      Discover our new silver collections.....

      We’re so very excited to introduce you to not one but TWO new silver collections! If you’ve been a fan of Anvil and Ivy for a while, you’ll know we showcase our signature, organic freeform style throughout all our pieces enabling you to mix and match between collections knowing all theitems work beautifully together.

      Both new collections have been handcrafted in our Maldon workshop with each item individually formed ensuring no two are the same.



      The first of our new collections is our  Freeform Collection.

      Full of everyday, wearable pendants, earrings, rings and bangles, this collection perfectly showcases the molten style you know and love us for. Inspired by the desire to create pieces that are easy to wear and can be worn layered or standalone, the freeform collection is a modern twist on classic designs. Here’s a few of our favourites we think you’ll love too!




      Our second range to introduce you to is our  Celestial collection.

      Inspired by the night sky and all the magic it holds, each piece is engraved with delicate, shooting star detailing. We’re very excited to announce this collection also features our first pair of huggie hoops. We know how much our customers love a pair of effortless and easy to style hoops and so we’re delighted to now offer these celestial huggies, they work great alone or worn with multiple piercings fora statement look.

      Our celestial collection showcases some stunning designs, from conversation starters like our  Celestial Double Row Star Ring to reimagined everyday staples like the Celestial Star Large Infinity Pendant. We hope you’ll feel connected to this magical collection as much as we do and we can’t wait to see how you style your new favourites.

      Shop the new silver collections here